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Welcome to Santa Fe Trails Doll Shop!

Quality Handmade Cloth Dolls. MADE IN THE USA

Today's Playmate-Tomorrow's Treasure

Congratulations, you have just found the Santa Fe Trail Doll Shop Web site, the home of the most beautiful and original handmade cloth dolls, sunbonnets, and doll clothes. The dolls are loveable and keepable . They are handmade especially for you right on the Santa Fe Trail. They are made with lots of love, care, and safe enough for any child of any age to play with, love and enjoy for years to come. We have dolls in several foreign countries and all 50 states. The dolls are firmly stuffed to last a lifetime. The faces are embroidered. The clothes are removeable and washable. The hair is yarn and sewn in the head one stitch at a time. We make several different dolls: Raggedy Ann and Andy, Jessica and Joshua, and Becky dolls. Each doll is signed and dated.

You have a choice of hair color, eyes, and clothes for the dolls. We design and make several different styles of doll clothes to fit doll sizes 12” to 25”. If you have a certain style or color of doll clothes you want, we will do our best to satisfy you. We make both adult and children sunbonnets. The sunbonnets are pretty enough to wear to Sunday services or go about your daily work or play. They come in any color you desire.

Our dolls, doll clothes, and sunbonnets are made of the finest fabric. Special attention is made to every detail. All of our products are unconditionally guaranteed. We know you will like our products because they are made with love and care.

Shipping and Handling

Sunbonnets and Doll clothes $5.00 per order

Order for one doll $9.50

Order two or more dolls $11.50

10% of proceeds go to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta "Brittle Bones" Foundation. For Research.

We accept credit cards, check or money order. Now free catalog upon request.

For More Information Contact:
Santa Fe Trails Doll Shop
18385 High View Dr.
Gardner, KS 66030
(913) 856-6757
Ask for Pat or Jesse